I’m a sober father of two boys living north of Boston in the seacoast town of Newburyport whose dark and lonely path through recovery from alcoholism was a prized possession because it drove me right into the heart of God who took away the compulsion of my addiction. I’m now living life as a better man, guided everyday by ‘what would Jesus do?’ A Ragamuffin, saved sinner and beggar at the door of God’s mercy.

I hope this blog can help others in their own path to recovery through God’s grace.  As you’ll learn from my story I tried to get sober through self-will & white-knuckling it for a year and a half before my last drink landed me in a Charleston hospital and eventually alone after my wife left having suffered enough from lies and failed attempts to stop drinking.  I finally was driven to my knees which led to AA which led to God which led to freedom.  God and my two sons, Aidan and Brody, have been my daily motivation and provide so much needed support and love.  Recalling a podcast by father Brennan Manning on judgement day Jesus will say, “I’m surprised that you didn’t screw your life up even more than you did without my help. I was waiting for you all along.”  I’m glad it only took me forty years to find Him!

I hope that you find what I have and that my story can help you in some way.

(NewburyportDad on twitter: @GregMKelly)